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Cube is an SEO agency that has been optimising websites since 2006.  Over the years, we have developed a process that works for almost all company websites.

  • SEO Audit / Website Review
  • Content Audit
  • Link Building

Audit – Review

The audit process checks every technical aspect of your website to ensure it is fully optimised and following current best practices.

Some clients skip this step.  When that happens, we do not answer queries as to why, in the rare case, link building is not working – as it often means we have to audit the site to answer the question.

Content Audit

Content audits are not always required.  The content review is usually more useful for larger older websites.  If you have less than a couple of hundred pages, guidelines are given in the website review to help you tackle any low-quality content.

Link Building

Link building and ongoing optimisation are the bulk of the work for most websites.  Our quality standards aim for links that send traffic and higher rankings – we aim for long term growth.

We will work closely with you to achieve your growth targets.


How Long Does SEO Take?

I’ve said it before – forever – if it is working well.

But, I am sure that is not the answer you are looking for.

For new websites expect to see traffic within three to six month.  The number of visitors, ranking, and success will depend on:

  • competitiveness of your market
  • investment in SEO

Older websites can see growth within a month, depending on how well they are currently optimised.

I expect a growth rate of between 20 and 30%  year on year for established sites and in the hundreds of percent for newer sites.

Talk to us to get a clearer picture.


How Much Does SEO Cost?

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